Venetian Plaster

Great for feature walls and for adding a unique feel and depth to your space.

We can give your space a unique and fresh look.

Venetian Plaster is a practice that was made famous in Venice Italy during the Renaissance. We can apply this old world look, with its amazing marbled look, to add a new life into your space.

We apply multiple thin layers of plaster that contain marble dust that is then sanded and burnished smooth, exposing a beautiful blend of colours. This gives the plaster a depth and unique appearance. Because the plaster can be tinted and coloured, you can use earth tones of beige, grey, black or more vibrant colours such as orange, yellow, greens, or pinks.

Venetian plaster is great for feature walls, ceilings, or backsplashes.

Our Past Projects

We have been delivering high quality work throughout the Elk Valley since 2005. Our projects include newly built homes, renovations, and commercial projects. Take a look through the projects that we have completed.