Exterior Painting

Siding, fascia, soffits, stucco and concrete are just some of the surfaces we attend to. 

We can help with all of your exterior paint projects

Re-finishing the exterior of your home is a chance for you to show your own personality and style to the world. Not only adding appeal and elegance, it is also a way to maintain the surface; keeping it in tip top shape for the years to come.

Paint maintenance to your siding, fascia and all other surfaces keeps you from replacing these parts of your home. Paint and stain help form a protective barrier & keeps your wood nourished. The harsh elements of the sun, wind and weather can truly do damage and compromise the integrity of the surface of your exterior.

The preparation of your home is not to be taken lightly as this is the most important step of any exterior painting project. Palata Painting will never compromise the work done and are thorough every step of the way. We also take great care in protecting the surfaces that will not be getting treated and always use drop sheets and cover anything else necessary. The top coats of product that are applied to your house are also paid special attention to. We make sure there is uniform and thorough coverage throughout the entire exterior of your home.



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Our Past Projects

We have been delivering high quality work throughout the Elk Valley since 2005. Our projects include newly built homes, renovations, and commercial projects. Take a look through the projects that we have completed.